Many people prefer to avoid surgery if possible. However, if you are looking to improve your vision as dramatically as surgery would, you may be interested in orthokeratology, commonly known as “ortho-k”.

Ortho-k involves temporarily reshaping the cornea through the use of specialized contact lenses, which are designed to be worn while sleeping. Although these lenses are not very common and most people still prefer laser surgery, this reshaping method is gaining more popularity as the procedure continues to be improved. Most patients with mild to moderate myopia are candidates for ortho-k treatment as well as patients who are too young for or are not eligible for lasik or refractive surgeries.

Because the corneal reshaping is temporary, ortho-k is an ongoing treatment option rather than a one-time treatment. Our office is proud to offer our AOK (Advanced Ortho-K) for Life program to our patients to help you maintain the best possible vision throughout your life, and to make this solution a more affordable option.

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