With so much going on in your child’s life it can be difficult to keep up, but it’s important to make sure he or she can see the world as clearly as possible. Children should have their first eye exam around the age of six months. If the first exam shows your child’s eyes are healthy, follow up with another appointment between the ages of 2 and 3 years.

Although many schools offer annual eye exams and screenings, these are not complete visual exams and the results can be inaccurate. If you notice your child is having trouble with his or her vision, schedule an appointment for a comprehensive eye exam. As with most conditions, early detection can make the solution much easier than waiting and allowing the problem to develop into something worse.

Pay attention to these five symptoms as they can be related to vision problems for children:

    1. Rubbing the eyes
    2. Excessive blinking
    3. Frequent squinting
    4. Regular headaches
    5. Shutting one eye to focus

Even if your child hasn’t displayed any of the symptoms above, children should visit the optometrist every year after the age of 3 to ensure their eyes are in good health.

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