We have a state-of-the-art lab, ON SITE, so we can take care of your prescription lenses and all other aspects of your optical needs with our highly-trained Opticians and Lab Techs.

We are proud to offer the latest technology in prescription lenses that will provide you with optimum visual clarity and comfort. We offer the thinnest and lightest materials available. In addition, we recommend lenses from these leaders in the ophthalmic lens industry:

Varilux ® no-line multifocal or progressive prescription lenses offer the widest area of clear vision available, and can fit in today’s smaller frames. www.varilux.com

Crizal ® prescription lenses offer improved visual clarity and comfort by dramatically reducing glare and as a result, the eye fatigue that accompanies it. www.crizal.com

Transitions ® prescription lenses provide healthy, comfortable vision by changing with changing light conditions. www.transitions.com

Prescription Lenses can be edged and/or drilled into almost any frame with our state of the art lab equipment.