Advanced EyeCare is committed to providing quality specialty eye care both in our office and through a network of highly trained eye specialists.

Our practice’s specialty eye care expertise consists of contact lens care including Keratoconus, custom astigmatism correcting contact lenses, and post surgical contact lens fitting and is expert in evaluating and following LASIK patients. We also treats patients with Dry Eye Syndrome, including inserting punctal plugs. We are also certified to treat glaucoma, eye infections, and foreign bodies.

If you require an additional diagnosis, you may be referred to one of the area clinicians with whom we work closely. Advanced EyeCare coordinates your specialty eye care referral, treatment, and follow-up communications with many expert providers including: retinal specialists, corneal specialists, LASIK/Cataract surgeons, neurologists, dermatologists, general practitioners, endocrinologists, and internists.