FLORIDA is called the Sunshine State for a reason. In the scorching Florida sun, protective eyewear is imperative. Doctors recommend wearing polarized sunwear beginning at an early age, and not just when you’re at the beach!

Polarized lenses have become increasingly popular in recent years. Previously, the main purchaser of polarized sun glasses were boaters and fishermen interested in reducing the amount of glare from water these lenses could provide. Nowadays fishermen are no longer the only people that can see the benefits. Many outdoor enthusiasts have now recognized the advantages these glasses hold.

Polarized lenses actually reduce the glare from any long, flat surface. The hood of the car, for example, can create glare and polarized sunglasses help to reduce that glare while driving. Furthermore, polarized prescription sunglasses provide vision correction benefits while reducing glare as well.

Advanced Eyecare works diligently to provide patients with the best in UV protection for their eyes. Because we understand the importance of protecting your eyes while driving, working outdoors, or other situations that make the sun unavoidable, we offer items like polarized sun glasses for both style and value conscious customers.

We carry many sunwear designer frames to choose from in our eyewear store! Come on in and take a look!